New podcast: Finding Steady Ground

Max St John
2 min readJun 9, 2023

I’ve wanted to start a podcast for some time but held off because the idea just wasn’t clear or urgent enough.

But, after discovering Substack and porting some of my writing over there, it just happened.

This series, and the name of the space I’ve created for it, is called “Finding Steady Ground”.

It’s an out-loud enquiry into how I (and we) find those steady, solid places in times where everything feels like it’s on fire and coming at you.

And these times are coming at us all the time, right? It might be when we’re in the kitchen, arguing with a partner, in the boardroom being talked down to by a peer or when we’re confronted with the global, existential threats of our time.

For some reason, which may be the reason which connects all of these things, they seem to be more common and spicy than ever. The ‘ball of muscles, tensed against reality’ - as Tara Brach describes humanity - seems to be more tense than ever before.

This unpicking and way finding is the work I’ve been doing, professionally for the past decade (in some way, I’ve been doing it since I was very young) and this podcast is a way for me to do that, with you.

So, if you’d like to listen, click the link below and — if you enjoy it — please do subscribe so I can get a sense of whether there’s an appetite for more.

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